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Jan 1, 1993

The Fountain, as a voice of faith and consciousness of duty, of hope and resolution, is appearing on the publishing scene at a time when all kinds of calamities-famine, war, flood, earthquake-have darkened the lives of many Muslims in different parts of the Islamic world. At such a time there is indeed a danger that winds of despair may begin to blow.

But many powerful, eloquent voices are giving expression to what sincere conscience must feel both in view of what our history tells us-which is full of lessons and warnings, sometimes ennobling and dignifying for us to recall, sometimes a cause for shame-and in view of contemporary reality which, likewise, can be encouraging or frightening. They speak because they are aware of the momentous changes and developments that are beginning to take shape and will emerge in the future. The Fountain as a small, young voice, humbly joins this great chorus, in the hope of playing its part in the enlightenment of mankind.

Destruction, spilling of blood, hunger and misery, are indeed pouring in around us from every direction. In spite of this, The Fountain firmly believes, trusting in the Might of the Creator and in the power of faith which can never be defeated, and because of the truth and sublimity of what it aims at, that the spirit of Islam will rise up among Muslims and that, thereafter, an awakening will follow in every sphere of individual and collective life-moral, social, scientific, literary. The Fountain firmly believes that the darkness which threatens to prevail in the world will not prevail, rather, it will be defeated and the horizons now appearing dark will be lightened. Its aim then is to be a sign of, and a voice for, that change which must come.

We consider that The Fountain's first appearance at just this time, in the midst of most troubled times which are nevertheless brimful of hopes and bright possibilities, is itself a sign of the first dawning of that possible future. And we thank those who have supported and contributed to its publication.