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Reflections On The Existence Of The Creator
Jul 1, 1996

Every thing and every being in the universe prays in the language particular to itself, either of disposition and potential or neediness or helplessness. All seeds and fruit stones pray silently in the language of disposition and potential to split even the hardest of the layers of earth and rock; all beings writhing in one thousand and one needs make supplications in the language of neediness to satisfy their needs; and the poor and wretched afflicted with poverty and misfortunes make petitions in the language of helplessness...

There is One who answers all those prayers, supplications and petitions. It is because that One answers the prayers of seeds and fruit stones that the feeblest shoots can split hard rock and rise towards heavens, making those rocks like thrones for themselves.

It is because that One answers the supplications made in the language of neediness that the weakest and most helpless of creatures, like fruit-worms and babies, feed on the most perfect of foods. Again, it is because that One answers the petitions made in the language of helplessness that in many accidents where the strongest and most able die or burn to ashes, a disabled one or a baby may survive, and that a broken-hearted one may reach safety on a piece of wood through the waves of a roaring ocean.

Thus, answering all such prayers just on time is a witness to the existence and Unity of that invisible One, as well as pointing to His being the only refuge of all beings with infinite mercy and graciousness.

We observe in the world, even in the whole of the universe, that all things, especially living ones, are brought into existence with an extraordinary beauty and such speed as to be all but instantenous. We should expect things formed out of insignificant substances in so short a time to be simple and clumsy. However, all things and beings are made so beautifully, so artistically and skillfully and they are so rich in art and adornment that normally each requires a long time and numerous instruments to come into existence. Each of those splendid works of art is made with an extraordinary speed-for example, with innumerable kinds of flowers, plants and trees, birds and insects, the face of the earth resembles in every spring a magnificent scene where all sorts of beauties are exhibited over a short period-announces to us the existence and Unity of a Most High, The All-Beautiful Being who attaches to each thing thousands of instances of wisdom and beauty. As a whole, they testify to the infinity of that Being’s Power and the subtlity of this Purpose and Wisdom.

Now, o wretced atheist or materialist! How can you explain these works of art which, although made with an extraordinary speed, are each an extraordinary masterpiece? Will you attribute them to nature which is ignorant, powerless and with no will at all? Can you really be so impertinent as to give that Most High Being, that infinitely Powerful and Knowledgeable One, whose every act is miraculous and every work is extraordinarily beautiful, the name of nature?