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A Lecture
Jan 1, 2003

O, My Computer Engineer Friend,

God willing, you are to be an expert hardware specialist or a good-quality programmer or a first-class network builder or a high-quality system administrator by now

But ever bear these important points in your mind: This Universe has such a Hardware Engineer who created all beings and the Earth as well; He made Sun a Power Source, Moon a System Clock. Such an Uninterrupted Power Source and such a System Clock that never goes astray and is never confused, so as to show the vast knowledge and the art of that Hardware Engineer.

This Person, at the same time, is such an Exalted Programmer who composed and assembled the gigantic Software called Life in the best way to operate on this vast globe, and has been operating it for millions of years; error-free, bug-free and devoid of any system crash. If you want to know how an Exalted Programmer He is, take a good look at yourself at the outset:

He saved your entire life code into one of your microscopic, infinitesimal cells, which you cannot see with naked eyes, and He too executes that code in that same minuscule cell of yours. Since it is obvious as clear as the daylight that the DNA is a program, and a program cannot exist without its Programmer, therefore your programming is like a mirror to that Exalted Persons Art of Programming.

Again, as he makes those cells communicate through innumerable protocols within your network which He made up of your entire cells, and since He also bestowed on you the essential hardware along with you to enable you to converse with another people in various languages and protocols, he also makes you see, talk and listen as before. And since, He prepared and enabled you to use various media such as light and sound, so that you can come to know about the things around you “ and you can discover and utilize those things, but you cannot add a new component “ hence there is such a Great Network Resource Person who knows what you need and gives your equipments as per your requirements. Your flair of networking is only a little piece bestowed on you by Him out of His infinite knowledge and a great blessing.

O my friend, do not be deceived! This beautiful World Life Software is just a trial version, as you can see; in any case you cannot save the properties and treasures that you hoarded so far. Therefore, know the Writer of this Beautiful Software of the Universe. Is it ever possible that a programmer to build up such a beautiful program, and never include an about file to introduce Himself? Therefore; see and learn the About files, which have been included by the Greatest Programmer, Hardware Expert, Network Professional and the System Administrator of this Universe, and work for acquiring the Full version of the Software. Do not forget, without skipping any of your actions, log files are being carefully saved in the background. These log files are going to be checked by that System Administrator, whose Power envelopes every being. O Man: If you are a Human, do not mix nature, coincidence, absurdity, and unbelief into these beautiful tasks; do not make it ugly, do not perform it ugly and do not be disgusting!