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Editorial (Issue 136): Achieving our Potential
Jul 1, 2020

We are all going on different journeys through life. They often relate to one another, such as the fact that we all struggle with difficulty and rejoice through happiness, but every person’s collective experience is completely unique. Each person has within them the ability to discover and achieve their potential. It is only then a matter of working hard to recognize and overcome our obstacles.

Inspiration for hope and persistence, in order to acquire the fuel that we need in order to overcome our obstacles, can come from an innumerable number of places. One of our author’s is constantly inspired by the image of the stars. Symbolically, they represent a bright and burning hope that always exist even during nights when the sky seems the darkest. Having visual reminders such as these can help us stay focused so that we may reach new heights.

After identifying one’s potential, it becomes important to also become aware of, and then remove, any obstacles that may impede one’s progress on their journey to maximum potential. These obstacles can come in many shapes and sizes be them physical, spiritual, or mental. “Cultivating a Limitless Mind” is a fascinating article that explores the psychology behind success and failure. Our minds become more “limitless,” and we consistently overcome more obstacles, when we remain persistent and constantly develop new strategies for success.

 Sometimes a person may realize that their potential is not where they currently are and may set out on a grand journey, perhaps physically and/or spiritually, in order to achieve it. This was the case with many previous Orientalists, travelers from the West who were captivated with the charm and allure of the Middle East and left their country in pursuit of the exotic and adventurous. Such journeys may initially seem overwhelming and difficult to undertake, as they often are, but the rewards can be worth so much more than the effort. “The Orientialists - 2” is the continuation of Lawrence Brazier’s article from last issue where he delves deeper into the expeditions of the orientalists.

Lastly, we should do our best to not act maliciously and create extra obstacles for other people. Cyberbullying and harassment are serious problems in the 21st century that affects children and adults alike. Perhaps it may be tempting to lash out, or take advantage, of others in order to feel a heightened sense of superiority or control. It is best to swallow our pride and remember “the Golden Rule:” treat others the way we would like to be treated.